ANKOWALL Ram DDR3 8GB 4GB 16G 1866MHz 1600Mhz 1333 Desktop Memory with heat Sink 240pin New dimm stand by AMD/intel G41


Package: Yes
Cooling Fin: No
Memory Frequency: 1333 MHz
Origin: CN(Origin)
Model Number: DDR3 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB
Type: DDR3
Item Condition: New
Application: Desktop
The value of CL: 9
Sequence: 9-9-9-24
Interface Type: 240pin
Memory Voltage: 1.5VV
Frequency: 1333MHz

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96fdacfce13e0f38b48b8bbdc1d2ac6product detail:

  Model:  DDR3 1066  1333/1600/1866/2133/2400MHZ
  Capacity:   2G 4GB/8GB
  Memory Speed:

 1333/1600MHZ-PC3 10600/12800/14900/1700/19200

  Type:   DDR3 SDRAM
  Form Factor:   DIMM 240-pin
  Features:   Unbuffered
  Upgrade Type:   Generic
  CAS Latency:   CL9/11/13  9-9-9-24   11-11-11-28  13-13-13-31
  Supply Voltage:   1.5V
  Chips Brand:   Original brand Hyix SEC, Elpd,MT
  Ram Brand:   Ankowall
  Compatibility: work with For AMD AM3 AM3+ motherboard
  Data Integrity Check:   Non-ECC
  Chips Organization:  128*816 256*16 512*16-bist 


Note 1:   but the price is 1PCS RAM price     Memory has narrow board, wide board, black, red, green, blue, etc., randomly shipped    Note: need to increase the memory of the radiator, please contact customer service to make up the difference of 1 US dollar , As shown below 91
   Note 2 :
AMD memory is only green or blue, AMD 2G or 4GB, suitable for AM3 / AM3 + motherboard compatibility. Does not support FM1 FM2 motherboard
8GB for AMD and AMD and AM3 / AM3 + / FM1 / FM2 / FM2 + motherboard compatible,   does not support Intel motherboards     AMD 16GB is suitable for some AMD platforms. It only supports FM1 FM2 FM2 + architecture motherboards and does not support other AMD platforms.


Intel memory is available in green, black and red. DDR3 for Intel memory is available for all Intel and AMD motherboards. Note: (The low-end motherboard does not support a single 8G capacity or 1600MHZ frequency. For example, G41 G45 G43 P41 P43 P5Q H55 P55 A55 P45) Low-end motherboard please choose 2GB/4GB Intel, double-sided memory
Note: DDR3 2133HMZ, 2400MHZ high voltage frequency 1.65V low synchronization 13-13-13-31, the motherboard must have XMP function, open XMP in BOS, adjust the frequency, if the motherboard does not have XMP function, the default is 1600MHZ, the bandwidth is 11 – 11 -11 -28.
Hello, I am engaged in KST, SEC, HY memory for many years. Now independent brand ANKONALL, choose Samsung, Hyundai, Micron and other high-quality memory particles, aging test, through the compatibility test of major motherboards, test software has MTS 4.2 5.1 7.4 64T card, 3D game test, no blue screen, no crash, use Very smooth, the memory chip is Samsung SK Hyinx MT, the quality is very good, not fake, please rest assured to buy9697


4g1333x441PC1 8G1866X54g13333PC 4G1866X4PC 8G1866X3PC1 4G1866X2PC1 4G1866X4PC1 8G1866PC1 8G1866X44G16004G1600X2D3 4GD34G


“Ankowall” IOS 9001.
Our branch companies & warehouse set up both in USA. and Russia.where where enhanced our sourcing and sales service internationally.We provide PC original stock products such as RAM,SSD,motherboard and CPU.Our products aim at best price and highest quality, Help our clients win theirmarket place.Ankowall have set up its core agent all over China locally, expecting long-term cooperation, we also seek oversea(s) company globally.








  • Wide and Narrow
Wide and narrow do not affect RAM use .All of the products are sent based on the batch of factory , wide and narrow can not be specified.
  • Number of Chips
Number of chips do not affect ram use , can not be specified ,sent based on the batch of factory .
  • Chips
The chips of its products are selected to good quality chips companies around the world .(example:HY,SEC,MIC,ELP….)
  • Color
Display and light of shoot will affect the color of the products, pictures for reference only, subject to our available products
  • Appearance of Products
pictures for reference only, subject to our available products 
About Shipping
  • 1.  The items will be ship out soon when received a verified payment.   We are not responsible for any wrong or undeliverable address.
  • 2.  It usually takes around 4 to 8  working days by express, and 15-50 working days by China Airmail to ship  to  your countries.
  • 3.  PS: All of the goods are free shipping by China post mail with the trucking number. If you want to got the products quickly, Please choose way of shipment by DHL,  UPS,   FEDEX or EMS.

Note: DDR3 2133, 2400 high voltage 1.65V, bandwidth 13-13-13-31, with XMP function on the motherboard, open XMP on BOS, you can, if the motherboard does not have XMP function , the default value is 1600 MHZ the bandwidth is 11-11-11-28



Additional information

Weight 0.035 kg
Dimensions 1.0 × 1.0 × 1.0 cm
Memory Capacity

16GB 1333 for AMD, 16GB 1600 for AMD, 16GB 1866 for AMD, 2GB 1333MHz For inte, 4GB 1066MHz For inte, 4GB 1333 heat sink, 4GB 1333MHz For inte, 4GB 1600 heat sink, 4GB 1600MHz For inte, 4GB 1866 heat sink, 4GB 1866MHz For inte, 8GB 1333 heat sink, 8GB 1333MHz For AMD, 8GB 1333MHz For inte, 8GB 1600 heat sink, 8GB 1600MHz For AMD, 8GB 1600MHz For inte, 8GB 1866 heat sink, 8GB 1866MHz For AMD, 8GB 1866MHz For inte



Memory Frequency

1333 MHz



Model Number


Memory Voltage




Item Condition


The value of CL


Cooling Fin








Interface Type



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